Saturday, September 24, 2011

Politics: An analogue

Note: I notice that I switch POVs.

A family, representing the people, shall live in a house called the State, with a garden called the Church. Sometimes, the house you live in is an oldie but a goodie. Sometimes, the house you live in is new and shiny. Though there are always going to be a few problems that come from home ownership, a family with the means, knowledge and motivation will be able to fix, and even spruce up, their home and garden.

However, there are houses that are so broken down (inside/outside) that it is beyond the family's ability to help. In that case, either you bulldoze the structure and build anew or sell it to a sucker out there.

In the same way, the garden is supposed to provide a sense of peace. There are small gardens and big gardens; gardens that require a lot of maintenance and those those that do not; and gardens that are well-manicured and those that grow willy nilly. There are some families who do not like gardens, and that is ok. A family member may decide to put a mini-garden in his/her room instead. It is perfectly fine. Unfortunately, we will not talk about families without gardens.

Gardens can also be a source of problems. There might be pests that come and infect your garden. In fact, bird droppings and ants might be something you will need to deal with constantly. You might not even be able to afford the upkeep of a house and a garden. In this case, compromises will have to be made. A sane person will tell you to favor the house unless your garden is a source of income.

There might also be a time when, if the family does not keep the garden in check, the garden becomes overgrown: Trees might affect the foundations of the house; ivy might crumble the walls; and moss might grow in strange places. This is why you must always know the state of your garden!

In this case, to repair your house, you must tear down some of your existing walls/foundations/etc. Then you must decide: to kill your garden and create more rooms; to trim your garden and rebuild parts of your house; to let your garden grow, sacrificing floor space.

If both the house and garden are not worth saving, move out.

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