Monday, December 20, 2010


I lost my usb connector and only found it now :( It's a new season already :( What have I been up to now...

I received this in the mail! It was from the mystery shampoo thing, but i received it waaay after the event. Anyway, I tried it out for 14 days.

-smells good
-lathers well

-made my scalp dandruff-y after 14 days without an anti-dandruff shampoo (but I can't blame it for not being one too)

It may have reduced my hair fall due to breakage; However, since that really isn't a problem for me, I can't say I saw a significant difference.

I was also able to catalogue all my greens! I have 7 of them! heehee. can you guess the shades?

Compared my nails for holloween and christmas:


Christmas and my first time using seche vite's top coat: I don't like the consistency. It's too thick and I can't apply it very well...

I love my long nails but I think I have to cut them since I'm having difficulty typing.

Wish I could post more. haha.

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